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February 26, 2017

Episode 365 – No time for idle chit chat!

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This week,
there’s new Sigma Art lenses on the way, including a damned sexy looking 135/1.8!
Fancy developing film in the comfort of your own home? Maybe you need the Lab-Box.
If you enjoy good design, the show “Abstract” on Netflix might be worth your time.
And for some very skilled drone-piloting, check out this video!

Adam told us about some new Canon bodies and lens,
but things aren’t quite as rosy at Nikon. The stock took a dive after a disastrous 2016.
Such a rough year that they have decided not to go ahead with the release of their DL line of cameras.
Feeling a bit adventurous on the solder and programming front? Why not try your hand at building an Arduino-based timelapse controller?
Two artists built a camera from 32,000 drinking straws,
and there’s the story of Oskar Barnack, inventor of the Leica camera.

Steve Peters sent us this story on photography, sensor size and pixel peeping.

David Marland thought this might be of interest to travellers.

Rob Coates sent us this link to the World Press Photo of the Year galleries for 2016.

Rakesh reminded us of Snappr.

Glynn had this link about Nikon’s woes,
here in Australia, the Digital Show is no more,
19 tips for shooting better portraits,
a Melbourne film lab has made some funky art out of depleted film cannisters,
RawTherapee gets an update,
and there’s the BTS video from his last shoot.

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One Response to “Episode 365 – No time for idle chit chat!”

  1. Peter Sambell Says:

    Hi Bruce & Glynn,
    I have heard Bruce talk about Dark Table as a substitute for Photoshop and wondered if you have heard of Affinity Photo which is also a photoshop alternative. I haven’t used it yet, but appears to have a free Beta version out now for Windows but has been around on Mac for a while (Feb 2015). It’s $50 to purchase and after watching the Intro Video on PetaPixel, appears to do what photoshop does.
    Interested in your thoughts.