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March 12, 2017

Episode 367 – Glynn’s new toy

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This week, an interesting personal photography project… the Under-horse project. Yep, it’s as weird as it sounds!
There’s a bunch of photos which are (allegedly) NOT Photoshopped… although we’re not entirely convinced.
Lightroom… are you doing LR wrong? This blog post covers the image-management side of things quite nicely, for those who thought LR was JUST for processing.
A video/inforgraphic about the state of the camera industry in 2016.
And after going and having a look at it, I’m quite impressed with Affinity Photo. Thanks Peter!

Steve, Adam and Glynn all added this story to the list for this episode. Popular Photography (magazine) and its website, PopPhoto are no more.

Steve Peters sent us this link to a great Broncolor lighting tutorial, with heaps of great sample images,
11 photography books that new students must read,
and why photographers don’t get modern art.

Adam shared this video of Laowa’s weird macro lens in action,
along with this story about helicopter blades and camera frame rate syncronisation, which it seems EVERYBODY shared on social media this week!
The story behind the action photo that won Red Bull Illume,
another big camera store, Showcase (Atlanta, Ga) goes under,
and Hollywood’s greatest trick.

Carl brought us the story of the guys who wanted to create a “Google street view”-style image for underwater!

Glynn has a new toy! The new Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 VC G2 lens.
Skypixel is running a competition called “Australia from Above”. First prize is almost $27,000 worth of UAV/drone kit! Get into it!
He was also amused by some of the selfie-drone comments here.
4 basic lighting principles worth knowing,
and the guy who turned a Sony compact digital camera into a digital back for his old Nikon film SLR!

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