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February 12, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 195

This week, I speak with Gavin Blue from Heartfelt.
Gavin talks about what the service does, and how the biggest challenge they face is spreading the word so that people actually know that Heartfelt exists!
I highly commend them for their work and urge everyone to  do their own little bit to help spread the word.
Stick up a status message on Facebook for a couple of hours, tweet about it, whatever works for you.

I also received an e-mail from Blake who made use of the black card technique, along with using a couple of ND filters so he could shoot 30 seconds directly into the sun!
Check out his image here.

Lorna’s next “Focus on Business” meeting (the first for 2012) is on this coming Tuesday at Dragon Image in Artarmon. If you are a Sydney-based photographer wanting to get the business side of your photography business on track, this is a must-attend event!

And the next Sydney Photographer’s meetup is to be held on Friday March 2nd. This month’s theme is Bonnie and Clyde. Venue still to be announced. Details on the Facebook event page.

Thanks in advance!