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October 7, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 209

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This week, first up, an e-mail from Carl Hemmings re: 10 stop ND filters and how you might be able to simulate it in-camera (providing your camera offers that functionality).
Then, ‘chimping’. What is it? Why do we fall into the habit? And how do we break out of it?
The article that inspired this episode is here.

September 2, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 207

This week, why the long break between episodes,
plus some more discussion of ND1000 (10 stop) filters (with some contributions from Andrew Cooper, Daryl Gungadoo and Adam Davidson). Turns out that almost all 10 stop filters will introduce some kind of colour shift… some shift towards the red end of the spectrum and some shift toward the blue end of the spectrum.
Daryl also chimed in on the focus points of the Nikon D700 and D800 bodies, plus casually mentioned the fact that he has just finished shooting the London 2012 Olympics (freelancing to Associated Press). We definitely want to hear more about that!

nikon focus points

nikon focus points

After taking a break from the Pose Project Management shoots for 3-4 weeks, I knocked over not just one, but two of them last weekend.
One was a vampire-themed shoot, and through the week, I happened to show the SOOC images to one of the Program Directors at ARN Sydney. He loved what he saw, and asked me to put together a proposal and quote to do a shoot with the breakfast team for one of our Sydney radio stations. Pretty excited about that! I’ve pitched the concept, they love it, and now I’m in need of a good “run down industrial” location along the lines of the old Dunlop Factory in Alexandria, or the old tram sheds at Harold Park. Trouble is, both of those locations are now closed, so if anyone knows something similar in Sydney, please let me know!

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July 29, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 206

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This week, some follow up from Adam and Mike re: the colour casts associated with ND400 (aka 10 stop) filters.
Plus, the fun and games of my last 2 Pose Project Management shoots.

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February 12, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 195

This week, I speak with Gavin Blue from Heartfelt.
Gavin talks about what the service does, and how the biggest challenge they face is spreading the word so that people actually know that Heartfelt exists!
I highly commend them for their work and urge everyone to  do their own little bit to help spread the word.
Stick up a status message on Facebook for a couple of hours, tweet about it, whatever works for you.

I also received an e-mail from Blake who made use of the black card technique, along with using a couple of ND filters so he could shoot 30 seconds directly into the sun!
Check out his image here.

Lorna’s next “Focus on Business” meeting (the first for 2012) is on this coming Tuesday at Dragon Image in Artarmon. If you are a Sydney-based photographer wanting to get the business side of your photography business on track, this is a must-attend event!

And the next Sydney Photographer’s meetup is to be held on Friday March 2nd. This month’s theme is Bonnie and Clyde. Venue still to be announced. Details on the Facebook event page.

Thanks in advance!

September 5, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 164

This week, I’m joined by long time SI listener, and multi-published author, Mike Hollman.

Mike offered to call me on skype to discuss my tourism shoot next week, as he has done quite a few gigs along these lines.
Rather than just keep all that info for myself, I asked if Mike would mind if we made it an episode of the podcast, as I felt there might be some good info there for other photographers.

Also mentioned in this episode, the Photographer’s Ephemeris.

Check out some of Mike’s stunning landscape work at

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February 28, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 148

With Shelton and Glynn still in LA for the PMA Trade Show, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to grab Dave Honl for another chat.
Dave and I talked about colour temperatures and white balance and all that juicy stuff,
which prompted Dave to talk about this shoot he did a while back,
plus he mentioned the possibility of him heading Down Under to do some workshops!!
Block out the whole month of October right now!

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July 22, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 083

This week, Bruce and Shelton discuss Bruce’s photos of Tacking Point lighthouse from last weekend’s trip to the Gold Coast.

Shelton then goes on to talk about taking photos of people and maintaining a sense of spontaneity.

Also, as discussed, here’s some of Bruce’s photos from the wedding last weekend:

June 24, 2007

Shutters Inc. – episode 079

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Version 2.0, sponsored by Joby.

Gorillapod by Joby
Fun and games with this week’s recording. Listen in for the details.
Shutters Inc now has its very own domain name… woohoo! Bookmark shuttersincpodcast to only receive posts from which relate to Shutters Inc. How cool is that?
Shelton and Bruce talk about the Gorillapod Original (that’s the little one), Shelton answers a couple of listener e-mails, and then dishes out his top 10 tips for getting correct exposure…

01. Grey card (such as the Lastolite Ezy Balance, available in Australia from Kayell)
02. Histogram
03. Watch the background
04. Watch for highlights
05. Spot metering
06. + or – 2 stops
07. Meter for the highlights
08. Filters
09. Reflectors or fill-flash
10. What is CORRECT exposure anyway?

Print these out and stick ’em in your camera bag!!

Shelton has again shared some of his photography with us. Check these out for creative metering.

Tzee Yoong’s photo from the Silk Road, as mentioned by Shelton.

Also, after recording this episode, I took Cath and Max up to Newcastle (2 hours drive north of Sydney) to see the Pasha Bulker, a freighter which has run aground on Nobby’s Beach. Check out some of the shots.