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May 12, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 201

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this post and it got me thinking about why I (we?) hang on to every image we take. Perhaps as the title suggests, we should ‘keep the best, delete the rest’.

Blake Bodycote asked about backup solutions for his laptop-based Lightroom catalogue.
My suggestions included:

Backup online using any one of a multitude of free ‘drive’ sites like:

Use a paid online backup service like:

And if nothing else, maybe save jpeg copies to an online site?

I mention the absolutely crap-o-matic quality of film scanning at Big W,

plus, spending a day at a Joe McNally workshop.



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May 5, 2012

What’s new?

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Well, for one thing, I’m about to launch a new audio-related podcast called “Nothing to Fear“, which will be a tutorial-type podcast based on the digital audio workstation known as Reaper.

I know this audience is not really interested in that, but I’m just trying to generate a few links into the site, so the google bots will think it’s a page worth indexing. Method to my madness, see?

But while I’m here, I’ll mention that there won’t be an episode of Shutters Inc this week. I DID actually record one, but after I’d finished it, I had to admit to myself that there really wasn’t anything incredibly informative about it. Back in the final days when I was doing Sine Language, I said to myself that I wouldn’t release a podcast just for the sake of releasing something. And it makes sense to continue adopting that attitude to this podcast as well. If there’s nothing to say, then don’t let people download a whole crapload of nothing.

Don’t worry, just because I’m mentioning this now, in the same post as announcing a new audio-related podcast, don’t think I’m going cold on SI. That is most definitely NOT the case, ok? I will definitely be recording an ep next week, as I will have had the pleasure of a day with Joe McNally on Monday (so pumped about that!). Got any questions for Joe? Can’t promise to remember them on the day, but sing out if you have! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, onward and upward….

February 26, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 196

This week, we learn that Joe McNally is set to tour to Australia and New Zealand this year!
Let me know if you’re interested in attending the Sydney workshop, as I’m hoping to be able to secure a group discount. No guarantees of course, but let me know if you’re up for it!

Two weeks ago, Chris Belyea and myself, along with model Desiree (of Meetup #15 fame) hired Think Studio for 4 hours to do a glamour shoot.
It was great to be able to take the time to finesse a shot, and experiment with light.
Some of my shots from the shoot can be seen here.
Personally, I really like the last one!

“Slow Bruce” finally discovers something that should have come to him long ago, regarding panoramas, pivot points, and paralax errors.
For the technophiles, read the wikipedia article on parallax errors.
Or for the lounge lizards, check out some youtube vids on same!

Next Friday is Meetup #22 – ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ here in Sydney.
Still looking for a couple more photographers …and a venue!
Sing out if you would like to be involved in any way.

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March 28, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 150

This week, Bruce speaks with Leo and Linda from Wacom Australia about the range of Wacom Intuos graphics tablets, and why every photographer can benefit from one.
Then, Shelton talks about HIS perceptions of a graphics tablet,
we talk about the CPW Advanced Flash Workshop in Melbourne,
working with light modifiers like the Honl grids and snoots,
Bruce is inspired by one of Joe McNally’s quotes,
Lightroom 3 Beta 2 is out now*,
plus we need YOUR help to giveaway a Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet.

* After recording, I found out that no, LR3B2 does NOT import LR2 catalogues.

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March 14, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 149

This week, just a chat as we catch up with Shelton post-Los Angeles.
Turns out, the “creative photo workshop” is an idea whose time has come.
Shelton talks about all the aspects of the trip, including the Venice Beach shoot.
Last week, I was given an Intuos4 graphics tablet by the nice folks at Wacom here in Australia. I’d never used one before, but having now done some photo retouching with one, I don’t think I could go back to photo manipulation with a mouse ever again!
Oh, and it’s pronounced Wah-com, not Way-com!
Shelton is looking into some of the plugins from Nik Software, including Viveza.
And he’s changed his mind on camera straps, after having been given a Black Rapid R-Strap whilst in LA.
He also discovered Hoodman loupes while he was at PMA.

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February 28, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 148

With Shelton and Glynn still in LA for the PMA Trade Show, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to grab Dave Honl for another chat.
Dave and I talked about colour temperatures and white balance and all that juicy stuff,
which prompted Dave to talk about this shoot he did a while back,
plus he mentioned the possibility of him heading Down Under to do some workshops!!
Block out the whole month of October right now!

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January 10, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 144

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Happy new year!
In the first ep for 2010, we talk about our cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu,
the new Creative Photo Workshops website,
My new Sony alpha 850,
the Sydney photographers are getting together monthly,
the 5MP/SI party in Melbourne,
and finally, our special guest interview.

May 17, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 124

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This week, Shelton narrowly avoids a heart attack after leaving one of his camera bags on site after a shoot,
check out the video of Shelton ripping out “Ain’t no sunshine“,
Bruce, Cathie and Max are off for a 12 night cruise for Christmas,
and who’s up for an end-of-year bash in Melbourne?
Then, Shelton continues the “Going pro” theme….
Knowing what you can (and cannot) deliver when asked to handle a shoot,
Don’t steal another photographer’s client (if you’re asked to fill in),
Jim Rockwell sent us an e-mail regarding doing research before cold calling,
Making something (specifically an image) out of nothing (an uninspiring product or location), which Shelton did this past week shooting water pipes,
Bruce asks about artifical lighting large scale,
and Shelton is loving his new book, Joe McNally’s ‘Hot Shoe Diaries’.

July 13, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 112

The dramas Shelton and I went through to get this episode out!
Listen in for the gory details.
In this ep, Shelton delves further into off-camera flash, and how to do it right.

July 1, 2008

Couple of vids for ya!

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Hey gang,
Just received a couple of links from Richard Bianchini (thanks mate!) relating to off-camera flash.

Number 1

Number 2