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April 15, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 199

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This week, an apology for my ‘facebook fail’.
The reason there’s been no podcast for the last 3 weeks is because I was once again involved in photographing and videoing Sound Business Plan for ARN up at Hayman Island.
Sounds cushy, I know, but it was intense work.
The nest Sydney Meetup (#23 – Black Friday) will have already happened by the time you read this. We’re shooting a ‘European gypsy/fortune teller’-themed shoot.
And just because I don’t cram enough stuff (and stress) into my life, I’ve been out and bought a roll of 200iso Kodak film and a battery for my old Minolta 700si. At this meetup, I will be (or ‘was’?) shooting digital AND film simultaneously. Can’t wait to see if the difference is as noticable as everyone suggests.
Carl Hemmings sent me a link to a Peter Hurley video, where he discusses posing techniques, specifically for the head. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS VIDEO ENOUGH! Allocate 15mins of your day and watch this (if, like me, you need help with posing your subjects). Awesome tips.
Adobe Reader 10.2 for Android and iOS is out now and allows for text markup and signing of pdf’s directly on your tablet/phablet/phone. Very excited about this. Custom digital model release forms, here we come!
Also, I’m hoping to get hold of Shelton for ep #200. Watch this space.
And speaking of Shelton, he and Glynn have just passed the 20,000 fans/friends mark on Facebook for Creative Photo Workshops! Well done, fellas!

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September 5, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 164

This week, I’m joined by long time SI listener, and multi-published author, Mike Hollman.

Mike offered to call me on skype to discuss my tourism shoot next week, as he has done quite a few gigs along these lines.
Rather than just keep all that info for myself, I asked if Mike would mind if we made it an episode of the podcast, as I felt there might be some good info there for other photographers.

Also mentioned in this episode, the Photographer’s Ephemeris.

Check out some of Mike’s stunning landscape work at

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March 22, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 119

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This week, Shelton talks about the first SLR he bought for his son, Nathan… a Nikon FE… for $40!
I asked Shelton what he knew about the Leica M8.
Shelton then talks about the issues for photographers shooting in public places, which led me to ask about model release forms.