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December 18, 2016

Episode 361 – A short, sweet farewell

Filed under: Podcast,Shutters Inc — Bruce Williams @ 12:00

This week, a short and sweet episode to take out the year.
Glynn chats about Myanmar.
I was surprised to learn that a Sony a99ii prototype had a 24MP sensor.
Adam told us about Relonch, a $99/month subscription service which in my opinion, won’t be around for long. Let’s see.
Carl has gone all Winston Churchill on us, with a recommendation to watch (from 1:03:00) Scott Kelby on “The Grid”,
and a warning about 3rd party lens adaptors: in particular, Fotodiox’s Nikon to Sony Adapter which has apparently killed a couple of a6xxx series cameras.
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and a safe and happy new year!
We’re taking a month off, and the next episode should be released Jan 22, 2017!

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